First National Civic Learning Week Recap

March 30, 2023

Earlier this month, we hosted the first national Civic Learning Week, a celebration of civic learning, civic engagement, and civic leadership. From March 6-10, more than 100 partner organizations and 21 states came together to host 121 events to make civic learning a national priority in order to sustain and strengthen our constitutional democracy.

And at the end of our successful week, the President’s proposed FY24 budget included an increase of $50 million for American history and civics! If enacted, this would bring the total federal funding to $73 million.

Some of the featured Civic Learning Week events included:

Opening Forum

The Opening Forum was held at the National Archives and featured educators, students, and civic leaders discussing the future of civic education, information literacy, and more.

A Conversation with American Diplomat and Author Richard Haass

Dr. Richard Haass, who is in his twentieth year as president of the Council on Foreign Relations, discussed the relationship between civic education and national security.

Civic Education as a Matter of National Security

A panel of individuals in the military and educator community shared their perspectives on how we can foster a healthy democracy through civics education.

Forgotten No More: Civic Seals and Re-affirming the Civic Mission of Schools

State education chiefs discussed how they have found ways to incentivize student learning and preparation for engaged participation in our constitutional democracy through civic seals.

Gaming for Democracy

Game developers presented some of the key elements of their games, and a panel discussed how gaming can deepen understanding of democracy both in school and out.

Find more recordings from events throughout the week on the Civic Learning Week website.

Your role in the movement to make civic learning a priority to sustain and strengthen our constitutional democracy is invaluable. Here are some ideas for continuing the momentum of Civic Learning Week all year long: