Classroom Resources for National County Government Month

April 02, 2021

Updated April 3, 2023

Young people care about their communities and want to play a part in helping them thrive. That’s what makes National County Government Month, held each April by the National Association of Counties, such a great time to talk with your kids about the role local government plays in keeping your community safe, healthy, and growing.

We have many resources to help you start conversations and learn together. With these lesson plans and learning resources, students will gain knowledge about how their county government is organized, what it does, who's in charge, and how they can get involved.

County Government Lesson Plan (for High School)

This lesson covers the diversity in county government structure, duties and services as well as the budgeting process. Students will investigate the impact of unfunded mandates and work to balance a county budget.

County Basics WebQuest

There’s no better way to learn about county governments than starting with your own. In this WebQuest, students will explore the web to learn more about their own county and what it does.

Counties Work Game

Make room for fun this National County Government Month with Counties Work! With this game, students will learn about local government by playing a county official responding to citizen requests.

Counties Work: Texas

Teaching in Texas? Assign this state adaptation of Counties Work to teach students all about Texas county government.

County Contributions Infographic

Are your students visual learners? This infographic is perfect for teaching about the different departments within the county government and what they do to keep the county running.

County Solutions Plan Unit

The county level is also a great place for students to advocate for issues they care about. In this multi-lesson unit, students will select a community issue they’d like to know more about and address. Then, they’ll examine the context of their issues — including the role of county and other levels of government — and develop strategies to bring about local change.

Interested in who supports National County Government Month? Check out the National Association of Counties to learn more about National County Government Month and activities for students.