Apply to Join iCivics' Educator Network: A Premier Professional Learning Experience

September 09, 2020

We are excited to announce that the iCivics Educator Network application is now open! Each year we call for the nation’s top civics, social studies, and history educators to join us in our charge to uphold Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s goal of transforming civic education for every student in America. This is a huge challenge and we could not do it without the passion, excitement, and expertise of the iCivics Educator Network.

Educators are integral to empowering students to engage as citizens in our democracy, now and in the future. The iCivics Educator Network is a group of 300+ educators from across the country whose work spans the teaching of civics, history, government, social studies, and AP courses. Educator Network members serve as ambassadors for not only iCivics, but as champions for high-quality equitable civic education, sharing best practices in the civics and social studies fields. 

Besides networking with educators from across the country, members get perks like:

  • Beta-testing new games and products
  • Participating in focus groups
  • Championing the need for high-quality, equitable civic education for all students
  • Presenting or paneling with iCivics staff at large conferences like NCSS, SXSW, etc.
  • Responding to media requests and media features
  • Writing blogs and Op-Eds for iCivics or larger publications
  • Deeper professional development opportunities with iCivics products
  • Engaging with an active social media community of passionate civics, history, social studies educators, curriculum specialists, museum educators, etc. from across the country

...And more!

Still, not convinced? Read this #iCivicsEdNet Twitter thread of love, or read the quotes below:

“[iCivics Educator Network membership] allows educators to brainstorm and work cooperatively to ensure civic education is accessible and engaging during this crucial time in our nation's history.” - Jatera Simmons, NY

“I love connecting with other educators on Twitter and have learned so much from the network already! Civic engagement and learning for my students is very important to me especially since we are in the process of rolling out our new CA frameworks and adoption process for new texts (hopefully) soon. Thank you for including me and hope to share, collaborate, and ignite a passion for community service and civic engagement for my students and fellow teachers.” - Connie Mimura, CA

Well, what are you waiting for?! Apply for the premier network for civics, history, and social studies educators. Join the iCivics Educator Network today: http://bit.ly/iCivicsEdNet2021

The deadline is Monday, December 7, 2020. Updates on applications will go out in January 2021.

Questions: amber.cmortley@icivics.org