It's 1774 in Williamsburg, and tensions in the British American Colonies are rising. Engage with young people around the city to see if independence is in the air... or not? Uncovering Loyalties with Colonial Williamsburg puts you at the center of the action in pre-revolutionary Virginia.

Discover how history is always more interesting… once you start asking questions.

In Uncovering Loyalties, you will:

  • Explore Williamsburg, Virginia in 1774.
  • Engage with young people across different early American classes, life experiences, and loyalties.
  • Keep a balance of opinions.
  • Determine if loyalties in colonial America stay true to Britain or lie with soon-to-be patriots.

For English Language Learners: This game offers a support tool, Spanish translation, voiceover, and glossary.

This game was made in partnership between iCivics and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation through the generous support of the Bob and Marion Wilson family.