International Affairs

Students learn about the complex interactions that exist in our globalized world. They examine the evolution of diplomacy and international interdependence by looking at recent and historical global events.

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    Global Toolbox (Infographic)

     What if we thought of international organizations as tools in a toolbox, collaborating and fulfilling specific roles to get a job done? In this infographic, students learn about seven international organizations that lead, collaborate, and protect on the world stage and consider the strengths and limitations of the global toolbox metaphor. Looking for more resources to learn about how the United States responds to world events? Check out our game, Convene the Council or its Extension Pack. iCivics en español! A version of this infographic is available in Spanish along with a Spanish…
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    Convene the Council Extension Pack

    Make your students’ game play more meaningful by using our activity and assessment set designed specifically for Convene the Council.
  • Game

    Convene the Council

    Step inside the Situation Room and take on the role of president responding to international events.
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    International Organizations

    Students compare the basic structure of several different international organizations before categorizing their work. Students also examine the local and global impact of international organizations.
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    International Influence

    Economic, cultural, and military influence are all critical in developing spheres of influence. Students explore international authority by following a Cold War case study, which will encourage better understanding of international persuasion.
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    Conflict and Cooperation

    Countries often work together to solve problems and fall into conflict when problems cannot be resolved. After learning about motivations and conditions that lead to action (or inaction), students analyze examples of international conflict and cooperation.
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    Students grasp the nuances of diplomacy through this interactive lesson. They are called to decide which diplomacy tools work best in different situations. Students will develop an understanding of negotiation, sanctions, and other elements used in diplomatic relationships.