iCivics Massachusetts

The lesson plans in this unit were developed just for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! 

  • Lesson Plan

    A Dive Into Democracy

    The Founding Fathers had many influences. Discover how aspects of Athenian democracy shaped the structure and ideals of the U.S. government.
  • Lesson Plan

    Meet the Supremes Teacher's Guide

    This guide provides summaries of all the cases outlined in the Massachusetts Frameworks. It also includes 12 supplemental cases that highlight the experiences of people from diverse backgrounds. The guide provides links back to our Landmark Library mini-lessons and is accompanied by The Research Roadmap, a graphic organizer for researching a Supreme Court case. 
  • Lesson Plan

    Local Government: Massachusetts

    From large cities to small towns, municipal governments serve as the closest form of government to the people of Massachusetts. In this lesson, students will explore the varied functions and structures of local government as well as the services provided in their own municipality.
  • Lesson Plan

    Comparing Constitutions: Massachusetts

    How does the Massachusetts Constitution compare and contrast with the U.S. Constitution? Look no further for the answer! Guide your class through some basic similarities and differences as well as side-by-side text analysis with this lesson’s integrated reading/activity format.