Boys & Girls Clubs of America

A series of nine guided activities developed especially for the Boys & Girls Club covering topics ranging from the rights and responsibilities of citizenship to organizing a campagin to make change in their community to the workings of the three branches of government.

BGCA Lesson One: Rights and Responsibilities

Participants will be able to compare and contrast the rights of a citizen from Do I Have A Right? with the responsibilities of a citizen in Responsibility Launcher.

BGCA Lesson Two: Activate

Participants will simulate organizing and managing a campaign for change on a public issue at the local, state, and national level.

In Activate, players grow a movement. They are responsible for analyzing and selecting an agenda as well as managing the resources at their disposal. The objective of Activate is to teach young people how to engage the community and leaders around them to raise awareness and support for a cause that is important to them.

BGCA Lesson Three: Voting and Representation

Students will draw connections between the process of choosing an elected official to vote for in Cast Your Vote and the work that elected officials do on behalf of their constituents in Represent Me.

BGCA Lesson Four: Crafting Laws

Participants will be able to demonstrate understanding of the necessity of negotiation and compromise, as well as staying true to personal convictions, as they craft bills that will become laws.

Players navigate a simulation of law creation, working as a member of the House or Senate to craft a bill and pass it through Congress and get it signed by the President. While addressing an issue that is important to their constituents, players must keep their own values and the values of their party in mind.

BGCA Lesson Five: Being The President

Participants will be able to identify the key roles and powers held by the President of the United States.

In Executive Command, players can be President for four years! They try to accomplish goals while facing challenges and responsibilities along the way.

BGCA Lesson Six: Supreme Decision

Participants will understand the following concepts: how judges make decisions, judicial review, the 1st Amendment.

In Supreme Decision, players help cast the deciding vote in a Supreme Court case. At stake is the suspension of Ben Brewer who wore his favor band t-shirt to school against dress policy. Players help the final Justice make up her mind and influence the outcome of the case!

BGCA Lesson Seven: Argument Wars

Participants will be able to synthesize arguments for real Supreme Court cases.

In Argument Wars, players test their persuasive abilities by arguing a real Supreme Court case. Another lawyer will present the opposing side. The side that uses the strongest arguments wins!

BGCA Lesson Eight: The Court System

Participants will be able to differentiate between federal and state court systems, as well as between the lower courts and appellate courts.

In Court Quest, players help guide people around the country to the correct court. They determine if a case falls under federal or state jurisdiction and then navigate the appellate system.

BGCA Lesson Nine: Branches of Power

Participants will be able to differentiate between the powers of the three branches of government.

Branches of Power allows players to do something that no one else can: control all three branches of government! They have the power to write laws about issues they choose and have to negotiate the challenge of balancing all three branches.