Statement of Academic Integrity

iCivics is committed to providing the highest quality resources and programs for students, educators, and parents/caregivers. Our materials are produced and reviewed by teachers and scholars who are experts in their fields. This means parents/caregivers can rest assured children are getting the highest quality, most thorough civic education possible.

iCivics is committed to nonpartisan civic education that is engaging, trustworthy, and useful. We believe that students should understand both their rights and responsibilities as members of our nation’s constitutional democracy. This involves a full understanding of the history of the United States, taught in an age-appropriate manner. 

iCivics values an inquiry approach to civic education that inspires students to learn by asking questions and seeking answers through the exploration of  primary sources—including but not limited to the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution—that cover a broad array of experiences, contributions, and perspectives of the many groups that constitute American society. Importantly, an inquiry approach also makes room for students' voices, experiences, and perspectives.

Resource Review Process

Educators and scholars who are experts in their fields are involved throughout the development of iCivics materials, from the expertise of iCivics’ educator-staff to practitioners and subject-matter experts in early-stage development to final review by the iCivics Independent Review Council. Scholars ensure the highest levels of accuracy and academic rigor, and practitioners ensure our materials meet the needs of educators and their students in today’s classrooms. 

The iCivics Independent Review Council is comprised of well-respected scholars, thought leaders, and practitioners representing a range of viewpoints. They help ensure the fidelity of iCivics resources to our core brand values and the Educating for American Democracy (EAD) pedagogical principles, focusing on accuracy, contextuality, objectivity, and political balance. 

iCivics adheres to strict editorial independence and does not allow funders to guide curriculum decisions or direct specific findings.

Resource Feedback

We welcome constructive suggestions and feedback from users of iCivics resources. If you would like to provide such feedback, please submit a support ticket. Thank you for your interest in iCivics resources and materials, and ensuring the highest quality civic education for sustaining and strengthening our nation’s constitutional democracy.