iCivics has what you need, to get you ready for Constitution Day, National Voter Registration Day, the Midterm Elections, and so much more.


Constitution Day
Constitution Day, commemorating the date that the Constitution was signed in 1787, is a day for us to honor the legacy and reinforce the habits of good citizenship for the next generation.


National Voter Registration Day
What better way to participate in civic life than to vote? But first, one must register to vote. September 27th is the day we encourage our students to do precisely that, either now or in the future. Use the iCivics ​Voting Matters Activity​ in your classroom! Visit the NVRD​ website​ to learn more about National Voter Registration Day.


There are a lot of seats up for election during the Midterms, especially in Congress. Get your students ready for the midterm elections this fall with lessons, games, and resources to teach your students about voting and the legislative branch! Here are a few of our favorites:

Represent Me (game) Take on the role of a legislator from a diverse constituency. Consider your voters' backgrounds before deciding what bill to sponsor in Congress. Can you meet everyone's needs and get re-elected?

Media Moments (mini-library)
Media Moments allow teachers to 'kill two birds with one stone' by integrating important media literacy skills with foundational civic content. Be sure to check out our new one on Midterm Elections.

Voting Matters (lesson)
Kick off the election season with this activity designed to teach students how registration and voting work in their state. Remember that National Voter Registration Day is in late September. Inspire your students to encourage their loved ones to register to vote with the flyer maker exercise.

Voting Rights (lesson) Explore the evolution of voting rights in the United States by identifying and analyzing the laws and amendments that altered U.S. voting laws. With this lesson, students will apply new knowledge of voting legislation to individual scenarios through a class activity.

Voting Rights (lesson) Pick a state. Play as a member of Congress. Make laws. Can you make the necessary compromises to make your bill become a law? Reinforce the learning concepts with the LawCraft Extension Pack!

Legislative Branch (Curriculum Unit) Teach your students about the structure, functions, and powers of the legislative branch of government. Find games, lesson plans and other digital resources.

News Literacy Unit
Get ready for Media Literacy Week in November with our News Literacy High School Unit. Help students make informed judgements about the information coming at them. This unit teaches them how to recognize bias, misinformation, opinion, and more!


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