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We’re always working on something new and relevant for our teachers. Check out the latest for the coming school year:

  • Teaching media literacy this fall? Then look no further. Check out the​ “​News Literacy Unit​” ​ to help students acquire the skills necessary for recognizing bias, misinformation, opinion, and more!

  • This October we're releasing a brand new game on news literacy just in time for Media Literacy Week and the Election. Your students will analyze a variety of sources of information to determine what's journalism, what's viral deception, and what lives in that gray space in the middle.


Educator Network: ​ We’re looking for educators, teacher trainers, curriculum leaders, etc. to join our 2018 Educator Network. Read more about the Educator Network ​here​. Find the 2018 Application​ here​. ​ Apply today!

Story Pitches: ​ Get featured on our news page. We are looking for educators who use our products in their classroom and are interested in blogging about it. Here’s an example featured blog: ​Student-Centered Civic Action​.


There are three ways to get technical, general information, or curriculum help:

  • Help Center​ - In our Help Center you will find tutorial articles and information on a wide variety of topics from “How To Set Up Your iCivics Account” to “Browser Compatibility”. To get to the Help Center, click the “Help” link at the top right hand corner of our website.

  • iCivics YouTube Channel​ - Our YouTube Channel houses a library of tutorial videos, educational resource videos, and other iCivics related content. Our library of videos includes tutorials for ​ Drafting Board ​ , ​ How to Create An Assignment ​ , and many more topics!

  • Contact Us​​ - After looking through our support materials, if you still need help, reach out to us. Our support team is ready to assist you with your inquiries (​ please allow at least 24-48 hours for follow up on issues ​ ). ​ Submit a Support Ticket​.


Ever wish you had help teaching students to write a solid argumentative essay, analyze a primary source, or draw relevant information from legit internet sites?

  • Drafting Board​​ walks students through the ​ argumentative writing process ​ step by step, showing them how to understand an issue before taking a side, use evidence to support a claim, and address the opposing point of view.

  • DBQuest​ breaks down primary source analysis into steps that help students understand the content of the sources and the process of historical inquiry.

  • WebQuests​ lets students work through a series of Internet resources related to a topic. No more fruitless web searches. We did the work for you.

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