iCivics Game Odyssey



The iCivics Game Odyssey, built for Google Classroom, turns our free online games into an exciting quest for civics knowledge. Play your way through a series of games each week, claim badges, share successes, and learn important civics lessons on the journey to becoming a Civic Boss.


How to play

  1. Create a FREE iCivics account so you can save scores and game progress. Each Quest is paired within an existing iCivics game.
  2. Download a copy of the Game Odyssey Quest Map on your desktop or device. This is where you will add all your Quest Badges!
  3. Start at Level 1, Quest 1. You will move across each level to complete.
  4. Open the Quests below to reveal your mission for each game. Each Quest includes a scoring point total that you should aim to achieve.
  5. If you successfully complete the Quest and score within the point totals, claim the completion Badge on the last page and add it to your Game Odyssey Quest Map.
  6. Before exiting the game, make sure to take a screenshot of your Game Certificate on the last screen of the game to keep an official record of your points.
  7. Didn’t hit the scoring point total? Don’t worry. You can always play again!
  8. Complete the Game Odyssey by successfully completing all levels to become a Civic Boss with the ultimate bragging rights!

Level 1. Protecting Your Rights

QUEST 1Do I Have a Right? VIEW QUEST >>
QUEST 2Race to Ratify VIEW QUEST >>
QUEST 3Court Quest VIEW QUEST >>

Level 2. Election Season

QUEST 1 Win the White House VIEW QUEST >>
QUEST 2 NewsFeed Defenders VIEW QUEST >>
QUEST 3 Cast Your Vote VIEW QUEST >>

Level 3. Government at work

QUEST 1 Executive Command VIEW QUEST >>
QUEST 2 Counties Work VIEW QUEST >>
QUEST 3 Branches of Power VIEW QUEST >>

Don't forget to share progress on your Game Odyssey Quest Map with us using #iCivics!

Educators,if you need more support for sharing with your students,view our instructions for assigning in Google Classroom.
Parents, keep your kids busy and learning by using our Game Odyssey and student assignments together. See this week’s Weekly Planner for details.
Have more questions or concerns? Email us directly at support@iCivics.org.