Assigning Game Quests (For Teachers)

Lesson Plan

Will you be assigning the Game Odyssey through Google Classroom? The Game Odyssey has been built using the Google Suite, making assigning to your students through Google Classroom easy. 

To Assign:

1. Create your own copy of the Game Odyssey Map and each Game Quest.

2. Share the map and quest for the week on Google Classroom* with your students. Don't forget to select the option to make a copy for each student. (Note: You can delete the first slide of the presentations if students automatically have their own copies.)

3. Instruct students to complete the Quest mission directly in their copy of the Google Slide and turn it in when done. Once completed, students can claim their Badge at the end of the Quest and add it to their Game Odyssey Map.

*Note: Each Quest contains a Google Forms Mini-Quiz. The quiz is intended for students to review what they have learned. Students will be able to see their answers when done. If you'd like to change these settings or see students' answers, contact us at support@iCivics.org BEFORE assigning the Quest for edit access to your own copy of the quiz. You'll need to insert the link for your copy into the Quest presentation before assigning the Quest to your students. 

READY TO PLAY? Access the Odyssey here.


We've also got answers to your most frequently asked questions!

1. Do my students need iCivics accounts to play?
An iCivics account is not a requirement for gameplay; however, with accounts, students are able to save and return to their game progress. Setting up student accounts is easy. For help, see here.  

2. Are there different point values for each game?
Yes, each game has a unique threshold. For the Game Odyssey, we've set a reasonable range for students to reach. If students do not earn the required point value on the first gameplay, we recommend encouraging them to play again. With each gameplay, students will become more comfortable with the civic knowledge and skills. 

3. How do my students take a screenshot of their game certificate?
Students will need to take a screenshot or save their game certificate as a part of each Quest. Share this short video tutorial with your students for instructions. 

4. How do I verify that students earned their Badge?
The best way to verify that students earned their Quest Badge is to check their Game Quest slideshow and game certificate. Students must demonstrate to you evidence of both their learning and completion in each Game Quest slide show. 

5. Why can't I see the answers to my students' Mini-Quiz?
In order to see your students' responses, you will need to request edit access to the Mini-Quiz BEFORE your students complete the Quest. To request edit access, please email support@iCivics.org from your school associated email address.

6. How do students pause the game to fill out the questions in the Game Quest?
In most cases, gameplay pauses when a student has a character's text (speech) bubble open. Students can also press the HELP screen to pause the game. You may wish to instruct students to open the game in one tab and the Quest slideshow in another to complete them side-by-side. 

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