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You counted on us to help your students understand the process by which we elect our president. You can count on us again to help your students understand the powers of the presidency and what it means to have a successful first 100 days. These timely and newly-created resources are interesting, engaging, and designed to enable students to analyze events such as the State of the Union address and to tackle key questions related to communications, campaign promises, cabinet nominations, and domestic and foreign policy.

We hope you have just as much fun using them as we had making them!

The First 100 Days

Even presidents have to worry about making the grade! Discover the history behind the “First 100 Days” and its impact on the American presidency with this new lesson plan that includes extension ideas and media literacy moments.

Presidential Agenda

For the winning candidate, campaign promises evolve into an official presidential agenda. And despite the doubting general public, 75% of agenda goals since Woodrow Wilson have been delivered. This mini-lesson takes a look at how the presidential agenda is developed, shared, and executed.

Cabinet Building

The president isn’t alone when it comes to the day to day work of the Executive Branch. This lesson takes a look at the history of the presidential cabinet, how the cabinet is built through the confirmation process, and why this elite group of people matters to you.

Supreme Court Nominations

Supreme Court Justices hold their jobs for life, so when it comes time for a new Justice to join the ranks, all eyes are on the president and Congress. This lesson introduces the fundamentals of Supreme Court Justice nominations, helping students cut through the politics to compare nominees’ judicial philosophies and make their own judgements.

Six Roles of the President

From Commander-in-Chief to Chief Executive—keep track of the many hats worn by the president with this printable infographic for your classroom!

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Executive Command

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