Supreme Decision

Ever wondered how the Supreme Court really works? In Supreme Decision, you help cast the deciding vote. At stake is the suspension of Ben Brewer who wore his favor band t-shirt to school against dress policy. You’ll help the final Justice make up her mind and influence the outcome of the case! 


The Armband
The Armband

Classify all of the statements correctly in Tinker v. Des Moines.

Shirt Supporter
Shirt Supporter

Complete Supreme Decision and decide the case for Ben Brewer.


Complete Supreme Decision and decide the case for Hamilton Middle School.


Rank Username Score
1 Bronze Director 4z0h 2,800
2 County Painter 7j8g 2,800
3 Bronze Principal h0u6 2,800
4 State Legislator 7h9t 2,800
5 Crimson Analyst 5s3z 2,800
6 Global Investigator 1s7a 2,800
7 Red Marcher 4o3w 2,800
8 Gold Artist 2o4n 2,800
9 Oak Volunteer 6c3v 2,800
10 County President j5j6 2,800
Rank Username Score
1 Jade President 0p7m 2,800
2 Gold Attorney v4s8 2,800
3 Maple Detective x7q1 2,800
4 Orange Policeman 0i7z 2,800
5 Country Painter z9p1 2,800
6 Jade Emperor m6x0 2,800
7 Coral Coach y9j5 2,800
8 Oak Librarian e7y5 2,800
9 Emerald Coach 3a6s 2,800
10 Coral Supporter o2j0 2,800