iCivics games are a fun way for kids to build and apply civics knowledge. To make iCivics games even more motivating, and to provide kids with a goal to work toward, we’ve created The Ultimate iCivics BINGO Bonanza.


  1. Print a copy of the card for each of your children playing the game. Why not print one for yourself, too, and get in on the fun with your kids?
  2. Let kids loose at to play whichever games they want.
  3. Each time they play a game, have kids look for that game title on their BINGO cards and read the task. If they accomplish the task listed, they'll mark that square off on their card.


  • Challenge your kids to get a traditional BINGO, with 5 squares marked off horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  • Up the stakes by asking kids to mark off ALL the squares.
  • Parents, when your child gets a BINGO, give them a high-five, do a silly dance, post the completed BINGO card to the fridge, or even put a shout-out on social media.

Start playing iCivics BINGO Bonanza today! Show us how much fun you’re having by sharing photos on Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to tag @icivics and use #BingoBonanza.