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Presidential Election Resources

Use these curated, nonpartisan teaching resources to help students learn about state, local, and federal election processes, understand the power of their voice and the vote, and become engaged participants in our nation’s constitutional democracy.

Our popular election teaching resources include: Worksheets, Games, Curriculum Units and Unit Guides, Lesson Plans (with teacher answer keys), PDFs, Customizable Google Slide Decks, Infographics, WebQuests, and more. Scroll down to check out all of our resources.

iCivics Election Games


Put your students into the action with these election-focused civics games.


Customizable Google Slide Decks

We've converted some of our most engaging election lessons into customizable Google Slide Decks — ideal for PearDeck or Google Classroom! Make your own copy to use it as is or customize it to meet your needs.

Election Infographics

Provide visually appealing, graphically concise, substantive overviews of key concepts using iCivics infographics.

The Spectrum of State Election Laws
Leadership and the Agenda
Teaching Impeachment
Rank Your Choice
Campaign Cash
The Poll Picture
19th Amendment
Running for President
Six Roles of the President
Peaceful Transfer of Power
Order Up! Executive Orders



Help students connect civics concepts to the real world with these WebQuests that will guide them through pre-selected online resources to learn more.

Voting by Mail

Show your students what a mail-in ballot process is like and explore the advantages and disadvantages of mail-in elections.

Reapportionment & Redistricting

Do your students know how many representatives their state has in the U.S. House of Representatives? Do they know how that number is determined or if it's ever changed?

Who Represents Me?

Do your students know who represents them in federal, state, and local government, and how to get in touch with these representatives?

Being President

Have your students ever wondered what it would be like to be President of the United States? In this WebQuest, students will find out what the president does every day, who the president's helpers are, and how the president's job affects their lives.


Elections & Voting Unit

Introduce students to the electoral processes of the United States. Students will develop a strong foundation that will inform them of their choices and encourage civic involvement. The Elections and Voting Unit guides students to a deeper understanding of concepts and processes across the political spectrum through simulations, presentations, vocabulary-building activities, and a mock election.

State and Local Governments Curriculum Unit

Teach students about the importance of local elections by exploring what state and local governments do. This unit explores the powers held by the federal government and those reserved for the state government. Students will look closely at the state government structure and functions, lawmaking process, and discover local governments including county, municipal and tribal.