Who Represents Me?

Help in Your Home Town

Cities and towns are even smaller than counties. In fact, your very closest government representative may serve in your city or town’s government. Most cities and towns have a lawmaking body, often called a city council. Often there is also a mayor, who is the city’s leader. These people represent you on issues that are happening right in your own town! 

Not everyone lives in a city or town that has its own government. For some people, the closest unit of government is the county.

Most counties and cities are divided up so that lawmakers represent a small part of the county or city. The person who represents the area where you live is most likely to listen to your concerns.

Think about which government is closest to you. When you’ve decided, follow one of the options below to find the lawmaker who is most likely to pay attention to you.

Response Question: 

If the government closest to you is the county...

  • Access an internet search engine such as Google. In the search box, type the name of your county and the title that your county’s board members have. (ex: Johnson County Supervisor or King County Commissioner)
  • In the results list, click on the link to your county board’s website. It may say something like Johnson County Board of Supervisors.
  • Look for a place on the website that helps you find which lawmaker represents the part of the county where you live. (You may need to type in your address.)
  • Write the contact information for your local lawmaker on your contact sheet.
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