Who Represents Me?

Your County is Closer

Guess what? There are people representing you at an even closer level than state government. States are divided into smaller units of government called counties.

Counties have their own laws. These laws are usually made by a group of elected officials. That means your county lawmakers represent you! The closer a problem is to you, the more likely you are to notice and care about it. County officials are the people with the power to make change in ways that affect your local region.

Follow the link to search for your county. Either click your state and find your county on the list OR type the name of your county in the box. Click your county to see a list of its elected officials.

Response Question: 
  • The first officials on the list are members of the board that runs the county. What title do these people have? (ex, commissioner, supervisor, etc.)
  • Is your county divided into districts or some other smaller unit? (Hint: Look next to the board members’ titles. Do you see any words like district, borough, township, parish, or something else?)
  • Find the name and email of the board’s chairperson. (You should be able to see the email address if you hover over the person’s name.)
  • Now look at the rest of the list. What other officials does your county have? List the titles of three other county officials.
  • Write these answers both here in the box and on your contact sheet.
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