Who Represents Me?

Your State Legislators

Each state has a legislative branch of its very own. Your state lawmakers work in your state’s legislative branch.

Legislate means to make laws. Any time you see a word that starts with legis-, it has to do with making laws.

In most states, the legislative branch looks just like the U.S. Congress: There is a state senate and a state house of representatives. (Some states use different names.) State senators and representatives serve specific areas within the state.

Which areas? Well, states divide themselves into legislative districts. Each district has a roughly equal population. And here’s the confusing part—these districts usually are not the same as the districts for U.S. representatives! You need to know your congressional district and your state legislative district.

Follow the link to find your state legislators. Type your ZIP Code in the address box. (You do not need to type your whole address.)

Response Question: 
  • Click on each legislator’s name. Fill out your contact sheet using the information you find.
  • What committees does each legislator serve on?
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