Who Represents Me?

Yo, Gov!

Okay, you would not actually want to address your state’s governor quite that informally. Why? Because a state’s governor is like the president of the state! He or she deserves some respect. After all, the governor leads the state’s executive branch and is in charge of carrying out state laws.

A state’s government is like the U.S. government in miniature. Just like the president, a governor signs or vetoes bills—but these bills are for proposed state laws. The governor also gives State of the State speeches and leads all the different government agencies that make up the state’s executive branch.

Follow the link. Find your state’s governor and click on his or her name.

Response Question: 
  • Read the short bio about your governor. In the box on this page, write your governor’s name and tell one interesting fact about him or her.
  • Fill out your Contact Sheet with your governor’s information. You may need to click the link to “Governor’s website” to get everything you need.
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