Who Represents Me?

Your Senators and You

The United States Congress has two chambers: the Senate and the House of Representatives. People elected to serve in the Senate are called senators. There are two senators from each state. (So if there are 50 states, how many senators are there all together?)

Your senators work in government to represent your state and its people. Senators are elected for six years at a time, and there are no federal limits on how many times senators can be re-elected. Some have been serving for decades!

Senators have offices in both Washington, D.C. and in their home state. When Congress is in session, senators work in Washington. You can find out where your senators are right now by checking www.senate.gov to see if Congress is in session.

Follow the link to the Senate website. In the upper right corner, find the drop-down box that says “Find Your Senators.” Click on your state.

Response Question: 
  • In the box here, type your senators’ names.
  • On the website, find where it says which class each senator is in. Then, click the link that says “What is a class?” (It’s under the drop-down boxes.) Use this information to figure out what year each of your senators’ terms expires. Type that year next to each senator’s name.
  • Now, fill in each senator’s information on your contact form. To find the office closest to you, click the link to each senator’s website. Look for the addresses of the senator’s state-based office(s).
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