States Rule!

State Citizen Power

The United States is a democracy. That means citizens — people — hold the power! You’ve heard of voting, right? In our democracy, citizens exercise their power by voting to elect people to represent them in government.

The representatives citizens elect are the people who do the actual work of government. These are the people who make decisions for all of us!

Every state is a democracy, too. State citizens vote for people to represent them in the state’s government. Your state representatives make decisions that affect everyone in the state — including YOU!

Follow the link. On the page, click the 2016 General election.

Response Question: 
  • Hover over your state on the map. What percent of eligible voters in your state turned out for the 2014 general election?
  • What is your opinion of this number? Does it seem high or low to you? Are people in your state exercising their citizen power as well as they could?
  • Think of one argument that might convince more people to vote. Write it down.
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