States Rule!

States Work With the Feds

States don’t just pass laws. States also carry out many laws passed by the federal government. Often these laws create benefit programs for citizens or make rules about safety.  State governments are closer to citizens than the federal government is, so it can make sense for states work directly with citizens and businesses to make the program happen.

In addition, states and the federal government often form partnerships to deal with specific issues. For example, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration partners with state agencies to inspect certain kinds of foods and make sure they’re safe.

Follow the link to learn about a federal-state partnership working to address an important problem!

Response Question: 
  • Explain the purpose of this program.
  • Click on the “Partners” link at the top, then click on “Federal Agencies.” List the three (3) federal agencies that are partners in the program.
  • Go back to the “Partners” link and click “States and Territories.” How many states and territories are partners in the program? Is the state or territory where you live a partner?

Now click here to learn about a program in your state. Click your state on the map. Choose ONE program and answer these questions:

  • Name of the program:
  • Purpose of the program:
  • Federal agency that manages the program:
  • Agency in your state that manages the program:
Response required