Making Laws

Equal Power for States

Pop Quiz: How many parts does Congress have? Hopefully you remember the answer is… Two! The other part of Congress is the Senate. Here, each state gets the same number of votes. In fact, each state gets two Senators, which means two votes!  The smaller states really like this because it gives them equal power with the large states.

Just like in the House of Representatives, a Senator's job is to look out for people's interests. But this time, they must think about more than just the people in a town or city. They are responsible for the entire state they represent!

Click on the link to see who your two Senators are! Select your state, and then click on the links to see your Senators' webpages.  

Response Question: 
  • Write the names of your two senators and the political party each one belongs to.
  • How long has each senator served?
  • Which one is senior (served longer)?
Response required