Immigration & Citizenship

The Value of Citizenship

So how many people try to become American citizens each year? And how many succeed? In 2013, 779,929 people became naturalized U.S. citizens… and 83,112 people were denied.

Where do our new citizens come from? Everywhere! Successful applicants in 2013 came from every continent (okay, not Antarctica) and from countries all across the world. The top ten were Mexico, India, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Haiti, Colombia, and El Salvador.

If you’ve always lived in the United States, it might be hard to imagine what it feels like to be a person who just became a citizen. Maybe you’ve never stopped to think about what it means to be an American.

Follow the link to find out how some immigrants felt about finally becoming an American. Pay attention to their reasons… you’ll need those for your answer below!

Response Question: 
  • List three reasons these new citizens were so happy to be American citizens.
  • Why do you think becoming a citizen was such an emotional experience for them?
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