Immigration & Citizenship

Citizenship Through Naturalization

Naturalized Citizen: A person who became a citizen through a legal process — not by being born in the country of citizenship

There are lots of requirements for immigrants who want to be come citizens. Immigrants become naturalized citizens because they weren’t born in America. In the U.S., naturalized citizens generally have all the same rights as natural-born citizens. There’s one big exception: They cannot become President or Vice President!

Only immigrants who are eligible can apply to be citizens. In order to be eligible, they have to meet a list of requirements. Once those are met, it’s time to fill out the Application for Naturalization. They get their fingerprints taken for a background check, go to an interview, take a test (that’s right, a test!), and provide any other information the government asks for…

And then they wait for a decision.

Follow the link to see the eligibility requirements for becoming a citizen.

Response Question: 
  • How long do you have to have a Green Card before you can apply for citizenship?
  • Are you eligible for citizenship if you don’t know any English at all? If you hope for the destruction of the United States? If you’re 23 years old?
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