Immigration & Citizenship

Push-Pull Factors

When people migrate, they don’t just leave one place and magically arrive somewhere else. Usually something pushes them away from their native country and pulls them toward a new place.  This idea is called the push-pull factor.

Push factors are the circumstances that make a person want to leave. Don’t have a job? Treated badly by your government? Lose all of your crops in a drought? These kinds of problems can cause people to look for a better life somewhere else. 

Pull factors are the advantages a country has that make a person want to come and live there. America has huge pull factors for many people around the world who live with unstable governments, few job opportunities, and no reliable security.

Follow the link to read more about why people have come to America.

Response Question: 
  • List three (3) push factors.
  • Then, list three (3) pull factors.
Response required