The Courts in a Nutshell

The Highest Court in the Land

And you probably already know which one it is: The United States Supreme Court! This is where you go if you think the Court of Appeals made the wrong decision in your case. Or at least, you can TRY to take your case to the Supreme Court… The Supremes don’t have to take just any case. They get to pick and choose!

You can also appeal to the Supreme Court if you took your state case all the way to your state’s Supreme Court, and you think the wrong decision was made. 

The Supreme Court was created by the U.S. Constitution. It is the head of our entire judicial branch of government — both the state and federal systems! The nine justices on the Court each had to be nominated by a president (whoever was president at the time) and approved by the Senate. Then they get to stay on the Court for life! Most Supreme Court Justices served on the federal Court of Appeals before being appointed to the Supreme Court.

Follow the link to see all the current justices. (At the bottom, you'll see justices who are retired but still living.)

Response Question: 
  • Who is the current Chief Justice?
  • Who has been on the court the longest? What year did that justice take his/her seat? Who is the newest justice? What year did he/she join the court? For this, IGNORE any justices that have (Retired) by their names.
Response required