County Basics

County Name Guessing Game

You can imagine how difficult it is to come up with names for all of the different counties in the United States. County names come from many different sources: people, geography, places in England, traditional Native American names… even fruits!  Can you think of any county names in your state?  

This link will take you to a game where you can guess the top 200 county names and see how many U.S. counties share those names. (Hint: Put your history hat on!)

  • Play until you’re stuck (for at least three minutes) and then click “Give Up?” to see the answers.
  • After you’ve taken the quiz, answer the questions below.  
Response Question: 
  • What are the top 3 county names? How many states have counties with each of these names?
  • What do these three names have in common?
  • Why do you think the most popular county name is the most popular county name?
Response required