County Basics

Counties Mean Business

County governments have a lot of work to do. Different states assign counties different kinds of responsibilities, so counties in some states are in charge of more things than counties in other states. But almost all counties have certain things in common. For example, counties are almost always in charge of holding elections. That’s right – even when people vote to elect the next president, in most places the county handles the details of the election. The county sets up the voting sites, prints the ballots, and even provides information so voters can understand the candidates and issues.

Now you’ll take a look at what YOUR county does.

  • In the same popup box you were looking at for Slide 1, click the link to your county’s website. (If you closed the web page, go back and follow the link and directions on Slides 1 & 2 again.)
  • On your county’s website, take a look at the different departments in your county government. Use the website to answer the questions below.
Response Question: 
  • List three things that your county’s government is in charge of. (Elections don’t count. Find three new things!)
  • Find one more thing your county’s government is in charge of that directly affects you. How does it affect you?
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