County Basics

County Characteristics

Some counties are small. Other counties are huge! You can measure a county by its size and its population.

No matter the size, counties are made up of people. The people in a county are usually the ones who work in the county government. Many county officials get their jobs by being elected by voters.

  • In the same popup box you were looking at for Slide 1, click the name of your county. (If you closed the web page, go back to Slide 1 and follow the link and directions again.)
  • When you click the name of your county, you will see detailed information about your county. Use this information to answer the questions below.

Do not close the web page when you’re finished! You’ll continue on the next slide.

Response Question: 
  1. Do the math to see how many people have moved in to your county since 1980. (Hint: Start with the most recent population figure, then subtract the 1980 population figure from that number.)
  2. List three types of elected officials in your county.
  3. Click the link to the Google map of your county in the upper right corner. Is your county mostly made up of cities and towns? Is it mostly open space? A mixture of both?
Response not required