The Constitution: Rules for Running a Country

Article I: The Legislative Branch

The Constitution is organized into different parts called Articles. There is one article for each branch of government—and a few extra articles that talk about other stuff.

Article I talks about the legislative branch of our government. The Constitution says more about this branch than it does about the other two. (Any ideas why?)

Follow the link, then follow the instructions in the questions to find out about Article I. (If you have trouble with roman numerals, you might want to keep this chart open: Roman Numerals Chart)

Response Question: 
  1. How many sections does Article I have?
  2. Click on the link for Article I, Section 1. What two parts does Congress have?
  3. Click on the link for Section 2 and then Section 3. What is the main topic of Section 2? What is the main topic of Section 3?
  4. Click on the link for Section 8. What is listed in Section 8?
  5. Still in Section 8, scroll down to the part that says The Meaning. Who has all lawmaking powers not listed in Section 8?
Response required