Living by the Rules

Just like there are rules that students must live by in school, the United States government must live by rules, too. Where can you find these rules? In the United States Constitution!

The Constitution was written a long time ago, but its rules must be followed just as much today as back then. Other things come and go, but the Constitution is here to stay!

Follow the link to see a timeline of the years when the Constitution was written, debated, and ratified.

  1. What year was the Constitution written?
  2. What year did the Constitution take effect?
  3. What year is it today? Can you figure out how many years the Constitution has been in effect?


1.The constitution was written in the year 1787 2. The constitution came into effect on June 21, 1788 3.It is 2021 and the constitution has been in effect for the last 233
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