The "Supreme" in Supreme Decision


After playing Supreme Decision with your class, use this lesson to reinforce the concepts students learned by playing the game.  In this lesson, students compare Ben Brewer’s fictional case in “Supreme Decision” with a real-life case involving a student.  They also look at a variety of historic landmark cases to understand why precedents and judicial review are important in peoples’ everyday lives.

(Prior to this lesson, spend a class period with your class playing Supreme Decision. You can play with each student on an individual computer, or as a whole class on a smart board or with a projector. If students are playing their own version, ask them to email or print their game reports so you can see how they did!)

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to…

  • Recall the justices’ analysis in Supreme Decision.
  • Analyze a real-life case.
  • Compare the analysis of the real-life case with an analysis of Ben’s case.
  • Evaluate the effect of landmark cases on everyday life.
  • Explain the importance of judicial review.

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