Crisis Collaboration: COVID-19 Mini Lesson

Lesson Plan

What do you know about the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic? Explore the actions and relationships between different levels of government as they figure out what to do in response to COVID-19.

iCivics has created a new activity to help students understand some of the actions states may take in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). While we have provided a traditional lesson plan for future use, we know during this time that most states and schools are actively practicing social distancing. For that reason, this lesson has been adapted for digital and remote learning use. We invite you to share the reading and Google Slides activity with your students when facilitating this activity.


Partner Resources for this Lesson Plan include:

Crisis Collaboration: COVID-19 Google Slide Deck



  • Identify the major responsibilities and functions of state government in response to big problems
  • Describe how all levels of government are involved in responding to public policy issues


Downloadable Resources

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