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iCivics presents a curriculum solution for Massachusetts civics teachers, with effective and engaging digital resources for your classroom and students. Check out the Massachusetts Scope and Sequence and our new lesson plans created with the Massachusetts content, practice and literacy standards in mind.

Grade 8

  • Guide to the Grade 8 Civics Course and Resources - All Topics (1 - 7)

    (with clickable resource links to view lesson plans)
  • Purchase iCivics’ State & Local Government Student Workbook

    This full-color student workbook provides readings and activities to support teaching Massachusetts state and local government, topic 6 in the grade 8 standards. The workbook will provide you with everything you need to teach the principles of state and local government, including its structure, function and role in students’ lives.

Resources for Civics Projects

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Civics Project Guidebook supports educators in developing student-led civics projects required under the state civics law. The Guidebook outlines key components of the student-led civics projects including the six stages of student-led civics projects, considerations for district implementation, planning and assessment resources, and case studies for use in professional development.

  • Civics Projects: A Workbook for Civic Engagement

    This full-color student workbook was designed to help you meet the new expectation in Massachusetts that all students in the eighth grade and high school will engage with student-led, non-partisan civics projects. It provides ready-made activities that teachers can easily use in both face-to-face and remote learning environments.

Curriculum Units

Media and Influence This unit is designed to teach students about sources of influence on our society and our government. Students learn how the media and interest groups influence discussions that take place in the...
News Literacy The universe of information we live in is a complicated web of messages with a mind-blowing array of sources, biases, and agendas. Help your students develop the mad news literacy skills they nee...
Civil Rights The Civil Rights unit covers the early days of the expansion of slavery in the United States through the momentous 1950s and 60s and into the modern Civil Rights Movement. Use primary documents, ...
Meet the Supremes Teacher's Guide for Massachusetts This guide provides summaries of all the cases outlined in the Massachusetts Frameworks. It also includes 12 supplemental cases that highlight the experiences of people from diverse backgrounds....
Landmark Library This library of mini-lessons targets a variety of landmark cases from the United States Supreme Court. Each mini-lesson includes a one-page reading and a one-page activity, and is appropriate for...

Free Online Course: iCivics & Study Edge AP® U.S. Government & Politics

Your students can for the AP® U.S. Government and Politics Exam at home using our online, on-demand course, created in partnership with Study Edge. The course includes more than 50 tutor videos and accompanying study guides that break down all of the essential content of the AP GoPo course.