The Role of Media

What is the media? What does it do? Students examine the types and roles of the media by taking on the role of newsmaker and agenda setter. 

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Mini-lesson: Presidential Appointments (HS)

Learn about unilateral presidential appointments, nominations, and the Senate confirmation process. Then investigate the role the media plays as a gatekeeper and agenda setter in the accompanying news skills-related activity. 

Mini-lesson: Gerrymandering (HS)

Students try their hand at a simplified districting exercise and learn about the common gerrymandering practices of packing and cracking districts. Students then explore the media’s traditional roles as gatekeeper, agenda setter, and watchdog in a news literacy-related activity!

Mini-lesson: Filibusters (HS)

First, teach students about filibusters and how and why senators use them. Next, help students develop their news literacy skills by taking a look at how news coverage of a filibuster can be transformed through neutral, positive, or negative framing.

Mini-lesson: Pardon Power (HS)

Teach students about presidential pardons, commutations, and the limitations on these powers. What's more, students learn about fact-checking websites and how to conduct an independent web search to verify a claim. 

NewsFeed Defenders
Play Time: 30+ mins
Fight hidden ads, viral deception, and false reporting as a NewsFeed Defender!