Six Roles of the President (Infographic)

From Commander-in-Chief to Chief Executive—keep track of the many hats worn by the president with this printable infographic for your classroom!

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Impeachment and Conviction (Infographic)

Impeachment really is only half the story! Follow the processes and powers of impeachment in this easy to follow printable infographic. 

Trial and Appeal Infographic

Most cases start and end in trial court, but what if there's an error? Show students how a case works it's way up in this printable infographic for your classroom!

County Contributions (Infographic)

Meet the departments doing the important jobs that make your county work! 

Running for President (Infographic)

Lace up your shoes and learn how candidates run the race to become President of the United States!

Campaign Cash (Infographic)

Every election, candidates spend A LOT of money on their campaign. Do you know where the candidates get that money and what they spend it on?