State Executive Branch (HS)

Dive into the structure and functions of the executive branches found across state governments! Students learn about the most common executive offices, how the state executive branches regulate actions within the state, and identify the officials in their own state. 

The First 100 Days

Even presidents have to worry about making the grade! Discover the history behind the “First 100 Days” and its impact on the American presidency with this new lesson plan that includes extension ideas and media literacy moments. Students will evaluate the fairness of judging presidents based on this somewhat arbitrary time period.

Judges: Playing Fair

This mini-lesson takes a look at the role of fair and impartial courts in American life. Students learn about how judges are selected and held accountable. It also looks at how judges focus on the facts in order to keep things fair. This resource is accompanied by a short video from the Informed Voters Project.  

Political Debate Guide

Use this activity to help your students view any political debate- local to national, historical to live broadcast. Preview candidates, issues, expectations, and details about the location and moderators. Track what the candidates say and how they say it. Then ask students to reflect on the debate experience. 

State Legislatures (HS)

Introduce students to the basic structure and function of state legislatures, as well as the variety in those structures. Students will learn to identify elements of their own state legislative body, and take a stab at gerrymandering to see the impact of districting on election outcomes.