NewsFeed Defenders
Play Time: 30+ mins
Fight hidden ads, viral deception, and false reporting as a NewsFeed Defender!

Lesson 3: Bias

Strip the fear out of bias by showing students how to notice the word choices and framing that show up when bias is present in a news story. Students learn about methods journalists use to produce high-quality objective reporting to see how journalists address bias and present stories from neutral view points.

Lesson 2: Misinformation

Misinformation? Disinformation?? Fake news??? Don't be fooled! Train your students to examine news stories for evidence of transparency and verification that will help them distinguish legitimate news from unreliable information.

Mini-Lesson A: Monetization

Reality check: The news is a business! Help students learn how news providers monetize the news through advertisements and consider how the news/profit relationship affects journalism and news audiences.

Mini-lesson: Filibusters (HS)

First, teach students about filibusters and how and why senators use them. Next, help students develop their news literacy skills by taking a look at how news coverage of a filibuster can be transformed through neutral, positive, or negative framing.

Mini-lesson: Veto Power (HS)

Explore the presidential veto and pocket veto powers, their role as a negotiating tool, and the Congressional veto override process. Students also learn how to use fact-checking and triangulation to evaluate news claims and detect misinformation. 

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