Voting by Mail
Because of concerns over COVID-19, many states may ask people to vote by mail this year. Are you ready to vote on Election Day 2020?

Movement & Action: The Women's Suffrage Movement

How did women win the right to vote? What civic actions were taken to gain political equality? In this WebQuest, students will learn about four civic tactics that supporters of women's suffrage took to move the nation to ratify the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote.

James Madison Mini-lesson

This mini-lesson digs into the 41 year political career of James Madison. Considered the author of the U.S. Constitution, Madison was a prime architect in creating a strong national government, yet fought for the addition of a federal bill of rights. This balance resulted in the blueprint for government that we use to this day.


Partner Resources for this Lesson Plan include:

Civic Heroism!
Let's explore what it means to be a civic hero!
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