The Constitution: Rules for Running a Country

This WebQuest takes you on a fast tour of our Constitution. You'll find out why it was written, how it's structured, what it does, and even how it can be changed. All the essentials are right here!


Making Laws

Do you ever wish you could make the rules? Well, there are people whose job it is to make the rules for this country. These rules are called laws, and the people who make them are members of Congress. In this WebQuest, you'll get an introduction to your members of Congress and what they do. Maybe someday this will be you! 

Being President
Ever wondered what it would be like to be President of the United States? Find out what the president does every day, who the president's helpers are, and how the president's job affects your life.

Three Branches: Laws in Action

The U.S. government is designed to make sure that no one person has all the power. Follow a law from start to finish and learn how each branch is involved!

The Courts in a Nutshell

In this WebQuest, students look at all levels of both the state and federal court systems. They learn about jurisdiction, look up the courts in their own state, find out what federal appellate circuit they live in, and investigate the current U.S. Supreme Court justices.

States Rule!
Every state is different… and every state is the same! How can that be? Follow this WebQuest to find out about your state, its government, and its relationship to the U.S. government!