Student Expression

Does the Constitution guarantee students the right to wear whatever clothing they want to school? What if that clothing is controversial or disruptive? In this Drafting Board issue, students explore those questions and more through the lens of Ben Brewer. They must decide whether Ben’s controversial band t-shirt can be banned by Principal Carter. Whichever side they choose, students must support their claim with relevant evidence and sound reasoning. The fate of Ben and his shirt hang in the balance!

Community Service

Should schools require mandatory community services for graduation? Or does requiring volunteer service defeat the point? Through this Drafting Board issue, students will study a policy that may already apply to them or their friends. Should students have maximum flexibility to develop their talents and skills? Or does mandatory service help students develop skills and discover interests? Students will learn to connect claims, evidence, and reasoning to ultimately produce a structured and effective argument on this issue!

Interest Groups

Does the influence of interest groups harm or help our political system? Interest groups have recently unleashed the power of massive budgets for political ads, and most people can’t keep up with all of the messages. Students must decide whether interest groups generally inform or mislead voters about important issues. Students will examine reasons and evidence on both sides, and ultimately craft an effective argument for the side they choose. With increasing political influence, this Drafting Board issue frames an important contemporary debate for your students!

Electoral College

Should the U.S. president be elected by the Electoral College or the national popular vote? It turns out this argument has been going on for a long time – all the way back to the Founding Fathers! Now your students can engage in an evidence-based evaluation of the issue. And in the end, they’ll have to write a effective argument about how our electoral system should work! 

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Kids & Credit

We’ve all heard it in line at the supermarket: “Will that be cash or credit?” Should young adults under the age of 18 be given access to credit cards? Some might argue that kids need to learn about credit, so they will be responsible with it as adults. Others say that kids buying things on credit will have the opposite effect: devaluing money and increasing impulse. In this Drafting Board issue, your students will explore each side’s reasons and evidence. They’ll produce a structured and polished argument in favor or against credit cards for minors. 

Military Intervention

The situation in the fictional nation of Swurudi is descending into chaos. The president was recently assassinated and tribal groups are turning against each other. The world is watching and concerned that violence may spread. Should the international community send military forces to stop a potential genocide? Students must examine reasons and weigh evidence – and ultimately decide whether intervention is appropriate. Does intervention risk further violence? Do human rights trump national sovereignty? Your students decide in this Drafting Board issue!