TOM: Teaching Online Masterclass

Professional Development

We joined our partners at Makematic, Adobe, ClickView, and Participate to produce TOM, a free online professional development resource for teachers making the leap into remote teaching and learning. With a focus on pedagogy over technology, the masterclass is a catalogue of bite-sized videos featuring K-12 online teaching experts sharing best practices for online pedagogy, designing online classes and curriculum, building communities of practice and digital well-being.

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“iCivics work with tens of thousands of incredible teachers who are facing so much uncertainty in their work. That makes it extra important for one thing to remain certain – that teachers are talented professionals who know what effective instruction looks like. With the right guidance, there's no reason they can't transfer that effective instruction to online spaces. TOM is that guidance. It meets teachers where they are and provides targeted and convenient coaching to elevate their online practice." - iCivics’ Chief Education Officer, Emma Humphries

Made possible with the generous support of:

  • Adobe
  • ClickView
  • iCivics
  • Makematic
  • Participate