iCivics’ growing collection of video games offers the opportunity to play with civic skills and knowledge…literally! Each iCivics game is playable in one class period and can be played in a variety of settings: 1-to-1, small groups, or whole class. Our games don't require prior knowledge -- they teach students everything they need to know to play.

  • An immersive civic experience without ever leaving the classroom
  • Optional Spanish language translation as well as English-language scaffolds
  • Downloadable teacher Game Guides with pre- and post-game discussion questions and activity ideas
  • A downloadable Extension Pack to help you teach around the game
  • The ability to assign the games and track student performance through My iCivics

We’re here to help.

Not sure how to best implement our Games into your classroom? iCivics offers downloadable comprehensive guides, tips, and tricks for each of our resource guides to help facilitate a seamless experience.

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