Drafting Board


Ever wish you had help teaching students to write a solid argumentative essay? Drafting Board is your answer! This online tool walks students through the process step by step, showing them how to understand an issue before taking a side, use evidence to support a claim, and address the opposing point of view. At the end, students have a complete argumentative essay with an introduction, body, counterargument, and conclusion.

Learn all about Drafting Board by reading our Product Overview PDF below. Better yet, breeze through our self-guided training PowerPoint. It hits the highlights of everything you need to know and includes videos that walk you through all of Drafting Board in minutes.

** UPDATE 12/10/2015: We strongly suggest that you plan to have students complete Drafting Board in a single sitting.  Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for students to finish.

Scaffolded and effective for students
BIended learning model combines technology with teacher intervention
Reporting allows you to track class-level and individual student progress