Enjoy these free, bite-sized, and on-demand professional learning videos exploring the teaching of primary sources and DBQuest.

About this video series (1:04)

Welcome to our online and on-demand professional learning videos!

What are primary sources (3:01)

What differentiates primary sources from secondary ones?

Why teach with primary sources (2:51)

Learn why we should include primary sources in our instruction.

Teaching with primary sources across the curriculum (2:56)

Hear why primary sources make for great learning in any class in any discipline.

Challenges to teaching with primary sources (3:59)

What do we need to look out for when teaching with primary sources?

Selecting sources (3:20)

Learn strategies for smartly selecting primary sources for classroom use.

Different primary source formats (3:26)

What type of primary source should use select and why?

Integrating mulitple sources (3:29)

Listen to the importance of selecting sources to ensure multiperspectivity.

What is DBQuest (2:27)

Learn all about the DBQuest platform!

Using DBQuest (4:45)

Learn how to use DBQuest

Integrating DBQuest (4:47)

How do we integrate DBQuest into our curriculum and instruction?

For a more structured learning experience around these videos, iCivics now offers a free online course. The course has an asynchronous design, allowing for flexible start dates. It is organized across three modules, each designed to be completed in one sitting, totaling approximately six hours of professional learning. Certificates are provided to those who complete all course elements. For more information or to register for the course, please contact the iCivics Curriculum Crew at support@icivics.org.