People's Pie is a balancing act! Your students must fund important programs without setting tax rates too high or borrowing too much money. To succeed, they must keep their residents happy and avoid a burdensome national debt. Are they ready for a piece of People’s Pie?

In People's Pie, your students will:

  • Set taxes and retirement age over a three-year period
  • Weigh a variety of policies and funding needs across the federal government
  • Assess policy pitches to determine funding commitments
  • Review a proposed annual budget and make hard decisions to reach a balance or surplus
  • Manage public approval, as each decision they make will have an impact

For English and Multilingual Learners: Use the support tool, Spanish translation, voiceover and glossary.

Teachers, check out the Extension Pack with activities and teaching tools to reinforce key game concepts.


  • Analyze how federal tax and spending policies affect the national budget and the national debt
  • Explain how corporate, income, and payroll taxes support the economy as a function of the government
  • Describe various types of projects and services provided through federal taxes
  • Explain how federal departments request funding for discretionary projects in their department

This Game is included in the following units:

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