Jay O’Connor

Managing Partner, Silver Tree Associates

Jay O’Connor is senior software industry executive with a track record of driving extremely rapid growth, helping transform young businesses into industry leaders, and helping create two multi-billion dollar businesses.


O’Connor currently serves as Managing Partner at Silver Tree Associates, as a venture partner at Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, and as an entrepreneur.


Previously, as SVP of Worldwide Marketing at NetSuite (NYSE: N), he led the marketing team that grew revenues nearly sevenfold in less than 4 years, and helped NetSuite become one of the world’s leading software as a service companies and go public with a valuation of $1.6 billion.


Earlier, at Intuit (INTU) he led the marketing and product management team that acquired the first million QuickBooks customers, grew revenues from zero to $80 million in 4 years, grew market share to 72%, and built the foundation for what became a multi-billion dollar business.


O’Connor has a passion for driving rapid growth, creating a “wow” product and customer experience, and building outstanding teams.