Have your students ever wanted to be President for a day? In Executive Command, you and your students are President for four years! Students are challenged to accomplish their agenda while facing the challenges and responsibilities that crop up along the way.

Being commander-in-chief and chief executive is no easy job, however students will learn how to:

  • Propose an agenda to Congress 
  • Sign bills into law
  • Delegate new laws to the appropriate federal agency
  • Handle international diplomacy
  • Command the military during times of war

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For English and Multilingual Learners: Use the support tool, Spanish translation, voiceover and glossary.


  • Analyze the structure, functions, and processes of the executive branch
  • Describe the various roles of the president: commander in chief, head diplomat, agenda setter, chief executive
  • Identify the functions of executive cabinet positions and regulatory departments

This Game is included in the following units:

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